Q: What kind of wax are you using?
A: All facial waxing is done with a very gentle HARD WAX. All body waxing, including bikini and Brazilian, is done with a very gentle lavender rosin STRIP WAX. For the sensitive areas (labia etc.) HARD WAX is used as well, when necessary.

Q: How long should my hair be before any body wax?
A: 10-14 days worth of growth is preferred. Longer is always better! 

Q: How should I prepare for a bikini or a Brazilian wax?
- Shower and exfoliate the night before, use a light moisturizer. 
- Shower the day of your wax, use a light moisturizer.
- Wear loose fitting cotton clothes.
- Take a painkiller 1 hour leading to your wax appointment. Any NSAID (Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drug) is fine (ibuprofen, naproxen sodium etc). Not only it will help buffer the discomfort of the actual waxing procedure it will also help reduce potential inflammation, redness and swelling after.

Q: What should I do / NOT DO after my bikini or a Brazilian wax?
A: For the next 24 hours please refrain from physical exercise, swimming, hot tubs, hot showers, scrubbing, exfoliation, heavy lotions, perfumes, sexual activity, sun, tanning beds and tight clothes. Your bikini area will need time to recover and exposed pores need time to close. Please follow these suggestions closely to avoid any unnecessary irritation or even potential infection!

Q: How often should I wax?
A: Every 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth. Less than 4 weeks doesn't give us enough hair to work with. Also, plan your waxing schedule around your menstrual cycle as to avoid unnecessary pain. The best time to get waxed is right after your cycle. The worst is a few days before! 

Q: What should I use to exfoliate and to care for my bikini area at home?
A: I have searched high and low and tried almost everything on the market and the only product that actually works is the RELAX & WAX line of goodies. Clients love it! It works! And it is available for purchase in person.

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